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Greetings and salutations!We are in an era that can well be termed media age. Media has become an integral part of our lives. IT revolution helped it shape in a way hitherto unknown. Yes. It never happened before.
The technology driven media’s impact on society too is unprecedented. The dynamics involved are mind boggling and its social ramifications are many. The ravenous public demand for information caused and also fed by the new media, i.e. the Digital media has one consequence among other things: Mainstream media, the Print and the Visual has started losing space.

Prior to this inevitable upshot, at least in Indian context, Mainstream media has witnessed mushrooming growth. And it has its bad results. The increasingly corporate controlled media started jettisoning the established norms that underpin media’s role in a democracy. Besides being driven by own corporate and political agendas, media houses started indulging in the ugly practice of paid news.

Casualty of these maladies and other toxic practices are citizens naturally, whose constitutionally ensured rights include the Right to Know. The new digital journalism, given its independent nature could be an answer to this conundrum.

As the father of the nation Mahatma very rightly said the single aim of Journalism is service of truth and Digital journalism encounters fewer restraints in serving this cause. Keeping this in view New Waves Digital Media has been established. The newwaves.com website and the new waves YouTube channel cater to the info needs of the two Telugu states and Telugu Diaspora across the world.

The New Waves Digital Media promises that it would firmly be committed to public interest and journalistic core values. Apart from regular reporting of political, social, cultural, sports and cinema related news our team of seasoned and professional journalists ensure in-depth and un-biased analysis of important happenings.

We hope that our readers and viewers will appreciate our commitment to journalism with integrity. We make an appeal to our esteemed readers, visitors and advertisers to read/view our content and send us your feedback. We request you to share and tweet the content when it is found to be useful.

So, be a surfer and ride the wave.



Gangadhar Varre
Bureau Chief,

An experienced Broadcast media journalist, Gangadhar has a penchant for news reporting. Known for his in-depth reporting in the fields of crime and politics he has earned a good reputation while at TV9 and TV5. Gangadhar’s role in the new waves is to set the news agenda for the day. He has a hunger for breaking news. He enjoys music and movies.

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